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About Hope Beyond Dairy Cows

Just One Africa has partnered with Hope Beyond Transitional Center to build sustainability measures into their foundation so that they will be able to provide quality care and counseling for the children at this life giving center. 

One of the goals Hope Beyond has shared with us, is to incorporate high-quality dairy cows with good yields of approx 25-30 liters per milking into their program. They would love to start with at least 3 cows. The cows come at least 3-4 months pregnant so within a very short time they will start producing milk.

Our partners John and Dorcus have been working so hard to prepare the specific food and cow pens at Hope Beyond. They shared with us that there is a big shortage of milk and what is available has sky-rocked in price. This will allow them to produce what they need and the excess milk can help to generate cash for other needs. 

They also intend to construct a bio-gas digester at Hope Beyond Transitional Center to utilize the dung being produced both for bio-gas and also for farming activities. Their greatest advantage is that they have enough land at Hope Beyond to produce the food for the cows and enough open land to let them roam.

To read more about Just One Africa, visit our website at www.justoneafrica.org.

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